Robotnik s Promotion by The Master

Robotnik discovers a PROMOTION!!!

Promotion (also spelled PROMOTION) is the epic power of money given to you by your manager discovered by Dr. Robotnik.

A promotion comes in the form of money, which can buy WIN, which can transform into EPIC WIN. Robotnik discovered it when he captured Tails. That time word Promotion appeared over his head (possibly The Center of the UnUniverse was hacked again). Robotnik picked up letters and tried some experiments. He found the way to develop fake money to promote to his workers to advertise Robotnik Evil Incorporated.

Later Robotnik started to promote himself. Many other guys wanted promotions too, so Scratch and Grounder stole an eighth of Robotnik's shares. RobotnikClause and Chuck Norris also stole an eighth of Robotnik's cash.

He can mix promotions in the form of checks and Gum to make Promotion gum!

When Robotnik gets OVER 100,0000 UnDollars, he becomes Super Robotnik and attacks everyone using the power of moolah.

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