The two Probotectors that joined the Contra Force, RD-008 and RC-011.

Gender: None (robots, referred to as male)
Hair color: None
Eye color: Red (visors only)
Species: Robot
Home: Russia
Death: Unknown, MIA
AKA: RD-008, RC-011
Likes: None (no emotions)
Dislikes: None (no emotions)
Education: -One year of combat training in the Army, one year in the Contra Force

-Programmed with Artificial Intelligence, letting this robot think quickly on its feet

Occupation: Battle robot
Known For: Defending Russia from Dr. Robotnik's robot rejects
UnRank: 1,000,700,000

Cquote1 Probotect and Serve™. Cquote2
Probotector, saying his catchphrase

A Probotector is an advanced battle robot, designed in the year 2632 to fight in the Army. It is programmed with Artificial Intelligence, an advanced, futuristic version of what we now call Artificial Idiocy. Two of the Probotectors that were manufactured to serve in the Army ended up joining the Contra Force.


The Probotectors were created by the Army's leading technician, the undead Smart Snake, as servants in the Army in the year 2632, to replace human soldiers with more efficient attackers. However, when Lance Bean chose not to join the Army like he was going to, he convinced General Wentworth Beaniecap to give him two Probotectors and an autonomous helicopter. General Wentworth agreed, partly because he was his father and because he was proud of his military-oriented son.

Serving the Contra Force

The two Probotectors, RD-008 and RC-011, were nearly identical replicas of Bill Rizer and Lance Bean, respectively. They joined the Contra Force with the simple order of obeying the instructions of their master, Lance Bean. Lance promptly decided that the Probotectors should be shipped off into Russia, while he and Bill would stay in the United States. The Probotectors left, just as the Army (including the remaining Probotectors) was brainwashed and converted into yet another pool of minions for the evil Red Falcon to control. Bill and Lance managed to fight them off alone, while the Probotectors were dealing with an entirely different threat in Russia. The entire country had been overrun by the abandoned and defective minions of Dr. Robotnik, who had finally broken out of the hazard vault and were determined to carry out his legacy: world domination! Of course, nobody was left to stop them but the Probotectors. They did just that, successfully ridding Russia of an unseen threat.


After fending off the unwavering army of rejected robots, the Probotectors mysteriously disappeared. It is unknown if they died, or if they simply ran off and hid somewhere. Whatever the case, they were both reported MIA (Missing In Action).

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