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Private awaiting Skipper's commands
Cquote1 That never gets old. Cquote2
Skipper commenting on Private's weird twist on a listening stance.

This right here is the true face of derp.

Private is the youngest penguin of his friend group and is a very clumsy fellow. He is sometimes one of the many causes of random unneeded categories or pages, though still helpful to the wiki. He is a member of the Penguins of Number Island.


Although we can never can sure of the penguins' personalities, due to how secretive they are, it is assumed that Private is a cute, nice guy, but is really clumsy, to points where he does not get questions, afterwards asking said questions which are considered complex or hard to explain. We're also not really sure what special skill Private has. But it seems he does much better under pressure, and that he's the least likely to get captured, leaving him to save his friends alone, which he can pull off easily.


He was a penguin whose egg rolled and cracked on an iceberg with Skipper (the leader), Kowalski (the brains) and Rico (the Baby Yoshi), who saved the egg from three hungry Ugandan Knuckles. He was soon the adopted brother, and later on joined their agency. They took up a job as secret agents and do it very well. So well, that Mr. T himself hired these penguins as his secret agents. Although they used to live in Antarctica, they do their work all around the UnWorld.


During the beginning months of 2019, a series of worldwide attacks came both from the UnWorld, UnUniverse, etc. They were dubbed the World-Universe Attacks of 2019. During those times, a group of unlikely heroes became part of that trope. However, Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private were the first ones to be those unlikely heroes.

He was previously also in the Fish War working for Japan. Actually, who knows how many wars he's been in. He's also an ally of Pepsiman, helping him when the time comes.


  • He's absolutely obsessed with a snack called Cheesy Dibbles. So much so that he'll sometimes sneak into the Dorito factory in the Isopod Dimension and steal some of the cheese there to make his own Cheesy Dibbles. Despite the high-level security there, he pulls it off every time, since the penguins are such good spies.
  • He was the inspiration for anime. When he tried to scare his buddies with a mermaid suit while Training in the Fish War (they decided later that was a terrible idea), it gave Skipper an idea and he presented it to Japan. Mermaid suit Private was now all over the UnWorld as the first ever anime, and it eternally tarnished the mermaid's reputation, letting Japan win the war.
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