Cquote1.png THAT'S NOT FUNNY! Cquote2.png
Rosalina, when watching Outside in.
Cquote1.png Don't shoot! Cquote2.png
Rosalina, when Morton Koopa Jr. was about to shoot a flamethrower at her.
Cquote1.png Stop obsessing over me my gosh! Cquote2.png
Princess Rosalina watching MarioTehPlumber's videos
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Princess Rosalina the MMMMXVI

This is Rosalina on a regular basis.

Full name: Princess Rosalina
Gender: Female
Hair color: Light Blonde
Eye color: Teal
Species: human
Home: Space
Death: Hasn't happened yet. She keeps respawning.
Likes: Snow
Dislikes: None
Education: Using her Ice Powers
Occupation: Guarding power stars
Known For: Guarding power stars
UnRank: Infinity
Promotion: Herself


Rosalina was one of Elsa the Snow Queen's clones. However, Elsa hated that despite having virtually the same personality, Rosalina looked NOTHING like her. So, Elsa banished her to the cosmos.

Present life

Rosalina is the queen of the Cosmos. She lives in an ice palace much like Elsa's, but instead of having a snowman named Olaf as a companion, she lives alongside this star thingy called Luma.

She then sees an infamous troll on YouTube part of the Galactic YouTube Trolling Crew known as MarioTehPlumber who obsesses over her and claims she's "his waifu", though she hates him, so she's NOT "his waifu".

Later, Rosalina was ensalved by a god known as Thanos, who quoted "You will do anything that I so desire, Rosalina".


  • For some reason she has appered in some of mario's shames. We think nintendo gave her a cookie.
  • Peach hates her, and Daisy is planning to kill her.
  • She won the Antarctic War.
  • She is cuter and superior than peach.
  • She killed every last Adele Penguin.
  • She also shot Koopa Troopa.
  • She breaks out when she sees people pairing her with Waluigi.
  • She wants to be an Undefeatable but Chuck Norris won't let her because she's not powerful enough.
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