Prince Weird R. Ott
Prince Weird

Prince Weird

Gender: Prince
Hair color: Hair
Eye color: Eyes
Species: Prince
Home: A Shack, Evil Land
Death: Killed by his own imagination.
AKA: Doctor Weird
Likes: Ruling Evil Land
Dislikes: Violence
Education: Why is this section even here?
Occupation: Prince
Known For: Prince-ing
UnRank: 7,285,717

Prince Weird is the royal son (also known as a prince) of King Normal, great king of Evil Land. Prince Weird is one of the four heirs to the throne, along with the three barons.

Prince Weird was born a long time ago. About... seventeen years ago. That makes him... SEVENTEEN! I'm so smart! Anyways, he was born, and raised to be a prince. Not a king, a prince. He will have to go kill the barons if he wants to be the king.

He has a great deal of authority in Evil Land. Only the King can override him. If he wants something, he can usually have it. He is a spoiled brat, yes, but he is also an evil prince, and can send his guards to crush you whenever he wants to, so you might want to stay on his good side. If he has one, that is.


We already explained his history, didn't we? I guess we'll go into greater detail.

Prince Weird was born. Then he cried. Then he stopped crying. Then he went to sleep. Then he woke up. Then he cried. Then many years later, he was a prince. The end.


He has none of the powers his father has. Instead, he can melt whenever he wants to. He has never used this power though, because it is useless, and it will kill him.

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