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The President of the United States of UnAmerica is the highest ranking non-super being on the planet we call the "UnWorld". They have full control over all 50 UnStates, have all the money to their hands, and most importantly have been appointed to be the leader of a prolific and profitable nation. He/She are rumored to live in the Grayscale House, and have a Vice president to rule along them in their side.


Animaniacs - The Presidents Song

Yeah, this should give you a real good idea of what the Presidents are like.

While although they may be the president of only one nation, all nations in the UnWorld basically bow down to UnAmerica as an example of good government practices and follow their example of democracy (besides some nations but let's not get into it).

When becoming the President, a man/woman's UnRank immediately rises to an average of around 20,000-250,000. The reasoning for these randomized numbers are the fact that this system is depended on the reputation of the elected person in question. Donald Trump has bypassed this law, however, by having such a low reputation that he was downgraded to an UnRank of.. 0.


Pre U.S.U.A to the Start of the War (1492ish-1776)

When the continent of North America was literally found on a sham, nobody believed it. That is, until, some Englishmen sailed the open sea to prove them wrong. Their mission? Build small villages and "towns". HOWEVER, this proved to be futile, as most died of disease and were found to not even have a leader.

After this famous expedition, some other Englishmen decided to build even more villages in North America. This is also what has caused the stereotype that Americans like land.

When all was said and done, 13 "colonies" were built around the right side of the continent. For some reason, the Englishmen back from England were so poor to the point where they taxed the already-poor colonists living in America. This, of course, included the infamous Washing Machine fee/tax/whatever law. One particularly brave man saw note of this, and commanded some of his friends (who told their friends who told their friends and so on and on) to march into battle. They were absolutely fed up with the taxes.

And so started the great UnRevolutionary UnIdealistic War, in which many died..

Did we also forget to mention that The Headless Pumpkin-Man died in this war?

The Great War And The Creation Of a Leader (1776-1788)

The UnRevolutionary UnIdealistic War was a grueling war, an example of what happens when you tax the poor. George Washingmachine commanded his men to cross a river and shoot the British, a plan that would boost the reputation of the Colonists. It is inconclusive, however, to evaluate who won. His wife had sadly died during the War and ultimately left Washingmachine widowed.

While we would say that this war started because a couple of rioters were fatally shot, but we all know it was because colonists were pissed off. The war ultimately raged on for 7 years, costing many colonists' lives and did NOT promote the general Welfare (which, of course, was corrected).

The war ultimately ended when Washingmachine planned an all-out surprise attack against the British, supposedly inspired by the earlier Surprise Attack of Troy. The plan? Make it seem like the colonists surrendered, and then kill every British soldier they could find. This plan ultimately worked, and gained their victory over the otherwise brave but foolish British.

Celebrating their victory, the now-called "Americans" set out to be free to do whatever they chose to do, including being an independent patch of land. The communication, however, was a problem. Otherwise-land neighbours would often quarrel over trespassing in another's patch of land, which caused men to take action and create a Law to unite them all. It would be.. democratic.

The First President Evah.

As the Law was to be ratified, they realized; who would rule them all in this democratic country? Then they remembered: George Washingmachine. A man known for his experience in the War, and especially the best leader to have represented their slogan of a Free Country with No Overtly Annoying Taxes. And so he was elected as the first President ever, to be in that position until death.

And it is to this day that the tradition of a new President still lives on, as people vote in ballots and revive the UnDead. This has been a lesson.. of UnAmerica.

List of presidents

Photo/Painting Name Ruled Reason Reign Ended Notes (if possible):
George Washingmachine.png George "Town Destroyer" Washingmachine April 30, 1789 – March 3, 1797 Killed by a Bri'ish while in offfice Washingmachine was known to ironically have the nickname "Town Destroyer", whilst only wielding a stick and possibly a cannon into battle.
Humphrey Ploughjogger.png John "Humphrey Ploughjogger" Adams March 4, 1797 – March 4, 1801 End Of Reign (4 Years) Humphrey Ploughjogger was his pen-name.
Long Tom.jpg Thomas "Long Tom" Jefferson March 4, 1801 – March 4, 1809 End of Reign (4 Years) Thomas was super tall.