President Snow
President Snow1

Santa's Look-a-like

Gender: Male
Hair color: Snow White (lol)
Eye color: Blue
Species: Human
Home: UnPanem
Death: Katniss stabbed him.
AKA: Coriolanus
Likes: Having kids kill eachother
Dislikes: Getting stabbed
Education: Can count to 42
Occupation: President
Known For: Making the Hunger Games
UnRank: 55565

President Coriolanus Barney Simpson Snow is the ruler of UnPanem and creator of the Hunger Games. He is often confused and called Santa Claus. He originally wanted to be the president of UnAmerica but decied to make UnPanem instead. He was killed by Katniss Everdeen. He met a girl named Toriel at Taco Bell and became friends with her.

Origins of UnPanem and becoming President

When WaDr. Robotnik wanted to make UnPanem he talked to King Harkinian and he gave him some land. He made UnPanem using it. He also wanted people to live there so he made posters and got a bunch of stupid people to live there. After 2 years of ruling WaDr. Robotnik became tired of it and gave rulership of the country to President Snow since they we're brothers.


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