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Predator stalking someone

Predator is the scariest creature to walk the earth. If you are reading this he is behind you


Him wearing his mask

What you must know about him

  • He is a kind of killer alien called a Yaiju (yah-jey)
  • He can turn invisable
  • He knows were you live
  • He has tons of weapons
  • He wants you dead
  • He would beat you in a fight
  • He is your worst nightmare
  • He loves peanut butter
  • He keeps his mask on at all times
  • He is going to kill you
  • He is behind you

Him and the Masters

He hates the Peggle Masters because they ruined his day. Once he was stalking an idiot and he was going to kill them but then Bjorn saw him about to shoot him and he tackled the idoit and it made him miss. He was going to shoot Bjorn but a Gnorman shot him with lightning and they escaped.

Life after that

He always tried to kill the masters but he always failed and soon he got arrested. He got killed by Xenomorphs after that. Than there were more predators and they fought the xenomorphs until there was one of each side left and they fought and predator won

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The beginning of the epic battle


Him without his mask


  • His worst enemy is Alien because he is as strong as him
  • He has killed OVER 9000 people
  • He looks very ugly under his mask
  • Predaking was designed after him.
  • He is the father of 67P.

Known Predators

  • Jungle Hunters
  • Scar
  • Celtic
  • Chopper
  • Wolf
  • Classic

The Super Predators

  • Falconer
  • Tracker
  • Berserker (Leader)
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