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Told you he has a lot of Predator influences.

Predaking is the second combiner constructed by Googolplex after Menasor. He was modeled before after the Predator.

He and Menasor are Satanist combiners that both kicked Devastator and Bruticus Maximus in the nuts.

Predaking is consisted of five predatory animals of Razorclaw (The leader and torso, Lion), Divebomb (The left arm and backpack, Bird), Rampage (The right arm, Tiger), Headstrong (The left leg, Rhino), and Tantrum (The right leg, Bull).

He is also given a personality similar to Predator, except more vile.

He and Menasor refused to be part of Megatron's team with Devastator, and they also refused to be part of Bowser's team with Bruticus.

Predaking's components. From the left to the right: Divebomb, Tantrum, Razorclaw, Headstrong and Rampage.

Eventually, he and Menasor were forced to team up with Bruticus Maximus and Devastator plus their respective creators in order to defeat the biggest threat in existence of This is Bob.