Told you he has a lot of Predator influences.

Predaking is the second combiner constructed by Googolplex at the request of Megatron after Menasor. He was modeled before after the Predator.

Little is known about Predaking, but he and Menasor are Satanist combiners that both kicked Superion and Defensor Maximus in the nuts. He is also known to be very powerful and much like a true beast.

Predaking is consisted of five predatory animals of Razorclaw (The leader and torso, Lion), Divebomb (The left arm and backpack, Bird), Rampage (The right arm, Tiger), Headstrong (The left leg, Rhino), and Tantrum (The right leg, Bull).

Predaking's components. From left to right: Divebomb, Tantrum, Razorclaw, Headstrong and Rampage.

He is also given a personality similar to Predator, except more vile.

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