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Pou is a alien that lives on the Alternate UnUniverse No. 69 just to kill people. He hates the Teletubbies (mostly because HE's a demon) and also the Boohbah, and he hates both shows. Once he spawn killed Po (but he tried to chase him, but he failed) and Humbah. Pous are also found in Hong Kong, North Korea, Brazil, Japan and even Hyrule. Captain 0 and Alt 2.0 like harming Pous, not even knowing that he's a serial killer. Pou tried to eat both guys. He also has an app, but nobody plays it.

Pous Edit

Pous are splitted forms of Pou which are found everywhere. Some Pous are harmless (like the one you are familiar with), but most are not. Sometimes Pous eat people, like for example there was a Pou on Elmo's World, but the Pou made a massacre on that place, and killed Elmo. He also invaded The Furchester Hotel, but he was banned from entering the place for destroying Elmo's World.

Baby Pous Edit


A typical Baby Pou

Baby Pous are the harmless children of Pou. As you may know, he's harmless but someday will learn how to attack. For example a typical Baby Pou called Sam, uses swords since he was 4, uses guns since he was 6, uses bombs since he was 8, and now he's 9. He accidentally killed his father, then he was grounded. On his 10th birthday, his birthday cake was made out of poop (which was meant to be a punishment), but he wanted a cake made out of blood, so he made his 1st cake. Most Baby Pous hate Milkshake, and prefer CBeebies. They always scream "WITTLE BAYBEE POU WANT TO HUG DODDY!".

Favorite Snack Edit

Can you guess his favorite snack? Well here are some hints:

  • It's made out of flesh.
  • It isn't a animal.
  • It's super tasty.

Answer: You.

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