Sophisticated Italian Dinosaurs taking notes on this religion.

Potatoism is the belief that creatures were put in the UnOmniverse to serve a giant Potato deity, The Great Potato. Priests read from The Great Book of Potato to answer big questions and stuff. This religion is only followed by Vegans (especially PETA), Stupid guys, guys in Idaho, Tado and Italian Dinosaurs, and it's somewhat communist.

In order to be a Potatoist, you must be either a dinosaur or vegan, or both as that works too. No Potatoist can eat anything but potatoes either, and they must work alot by growing potatoes, and we are commonly compared to potatoes.


Potatoism started when people were trying to find out why we were put on this planet the ideas people came up with were good, but they did not wear hats so they weren't accepted then some dude who was sick in the head said, and I quote:

Cquote1 Picture this: A giant magic flying potato, swoops down, makes a few magical gestures, Bing! Bang! Boom, UNIVERSE! Cquote2
That crazy dino dude

Despite being clearly sick in the head, his idea was accepted as he was wearing a nice fez and the rest is history!

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