Hey look! It's a weiner! Let's eat it!

Poptropica is a virtual pointless shame where a player is just gonna walk around in a stupid lame costume and beg people for money. It was founded by Jeff Kinney when he got sick of playing Left 4 Dead so he created his own version of Left 4 Dead and it was called Poptropica.

Poptropica was once a real world until evil people trapped it in their computer but then heroes trapped some of them in their with it including pinchy who disguised himself as a box while the "creators" made it into a website and trapped innocent people ages 6-15 inside it and renaming them with an adjective thing pattern.


  • Islands are either programmed or taken from other planets
  • Sometimes books are thrown in to the website and changed to make the Poptropicans able to play it.
  • One island was the former resting place of the infamous wimp, Greg Heffley.
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