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Cquote1 You know what they say, all Toadsters, toast toads! Cquote2
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Be careful, when you pinch Wendy's toast, they pinch back!

Pop-Up Toadsters (Bufo Patricus) are weird toads that have been fused with the legendary cooked bread spewing tasers of doom!


It all began when the Flying Toasters became an UnUniversal icon, all fans of toasters knew of the legendary, awesome, winged critters and their babies. To expand the toaster family of fauna, the UnAnything Team, alongside Captain 0 and his acquaintances, decided to make another awesome toasty legend, using a Metal Cap instead of a Wing Cap, however, they forgot to take it out of the box, resulting in both of them becoming half-melted. Afterwards, they decided to prank the evil Captain 1 by teleporting it onto his head, just as they teleported it, however, a toad hopped into the teleporter, fusing the two into the first Pop-Up Toadster.

Biology and Behavior

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Pop-Up Tubby Toadsters

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Made in a freak accident caused by a science experiment gone wrong (blame it on Dipsy), these variants (Bufo Patricus Tubbio) are able to shoot Tubby Toast out of their mouths like nobody's buisness. Unlike the stubborn Teletubby Land Bunnies, these can easily be trained into soldiers.

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