Poo Face

Poo Face: Name says all.

Poo Face is a man who's got poo in his face, and is mad about it. Because of this, he has become some super villain with poo-themed weapons. Trust me, he isn't the worst Fatman villain there is.


Poo Face was originally Harvey Dented, a police officer who sometimes helped Fatman. He was partners and friends with Officer Weirdo.

Eventually, a powerful supervillain named Bane of Losers came up, and Harvey helped Batman beat him. While Batman turned Bane back to normal, Harvey disarmed the Poo Bomb set up by Bane.

He was successful, but as a result, poo hit Harvey in the face. Furious, and partially insane, he shot the powerless Bane, killing him. Fatman had him arrested, and Poo Face vowed revenge on Fatman.

He is still trying to kill Fatman at large and has been reported to be joining with Creepy Mask Man

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