Polof (Oryctolagus Bipedis) is a breed of bunny that is bipedal, this alone sets it apart from a average bunny, they are unique in many ways.

A common Polof.

Polofs live in many places, such as some parts of Europe (hence the Oryctolagus in it's Latin name) like Ireland, Baltic Union and East Hyrule, they also live in Radistania on Kittehlandia, they also live on Ogg, where they are easy prey for the Titanaboa.

They are rivals with the Teletubby Land Bunnies, another breed of bunny named for being native to Teletubby Land, Kirby hates them too, but it's unknown why exactly. 9000½ rumors have popped up that they will cause a war, they won't, but every rumor makes them want to more. Comando Polof is essentially the Thumper of the Polofs, but avoids being too similar to him.

Despite that last paragraph, Polofs are considered great pets, just as long as you don't forget to feed it 7 times a day, it will get you.

People who own Polofs as pets


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