A Pokeball wielded by that guy who needed 22 years

A Pokeball is a magical device that is designed to enslave innocent creatures and confine them in unnecessarily small spaces. It was invented by Professor Oak in 1852 after he found a wild Chikorita while exploring the dense grass-forests of Brazil. The Pokeball gained immense popularity in the 1990s and has since seen UnWorldwide use.

The Pokeball is a small capsule that uses nano-technology to condense a Pokemon into its interior. Each Pokeball can hold one Snorlax, but for some reason a Pokeball can not hold more than one Magikarp, despite the fact that they are both smaller and more worthless. The technology of the Pokeball has a failsafe that prevents the capture of any human or other non-pokemon, but Gary Oak has figured out how to turn off the failsafe and is now running around Pallet Town capturing Everybody. Everybody doesn't like this and says that it's cold and stuffy in there.


  • Gary isn't the only one to manipulate Pokeball technology - Ghetsis figured out how to stop them from capturing stuff, after being told to do so by Game Freak.
  • Pokeballs come in OVER 9000 varieties, most of which are found in the UnUnited Kingdom and some random part of Japan.
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