Pokémon GO Kid


Full name: Mr Cancer Whore Kid
Gender: It ߉
Hair color: Cancer
Eye color: Cancer
Species: Edgelord
Home: YouTube
Death: N=
AKA: Misha
Likes: Becoming the ultimate Pokémon GO player
Dislikes: Not becomeing the ultimate Pokémon GO player
Education: Pokémon GO
Occupation: Pokémon GO player, edgelord, roasting cyberbullies, being cancer
Known For: For being a Pokémon GO player.
UnRank: -69420

Pokémon GO Kid is an edgelord that caused terror all over the Internet as well as real life. Pokémon GO Kid, just like what the name implies, is a kid that plays the cancerous mobile-game known as Pokémon GO.

Originality For fuk fuck fuck fuck

As of July 16, 2016, Pokémon GO Kid uploaded a music video known as the Pokémon GO Song that has garnered over 40,000,000 views in a multi-billion making media known as YouTube. The song, known for its absurd lyrics and vocals produced by the Pokémon GO Kid, became a worldwide phenomenon and became a meme.

More details

A fellow kid named LeafyIsHere or Leafy for short made a video about him declaring war against the Pokémon GO Kid. Shortly after, the Pokémon GO Kid uploaded a video about cyberbullies being cancer while not realizing that itself is also a cyberbully.

More cancer

After the two started the war, other YouTubers also agreed to bash on Pokémon GO Kid by also being cancer. They would react to his videos and say some cancerous stuff. After this, Pokémon GO Kid sought to kill all YouTubers who are h8rs.

Appearance in Obama's ass

It appears to be a stereotypical kid who thinks it is cool by wearing trash around its body. This aforementioned trash is known as Swag and was created by another cancer known as Justin Beaver. It always held a mobile phone to show to others how rich it is.

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