I'm scared mummy

Gender: Male
Sexuality: What?
Hair color: Bald
Eye color: Bald
Age: 3 4
Birthdate: Friday the 13th, 1200
Species: Human and Monster hybrid
Height: Normal kiddie weight
Weight: 30 pounds
Home: Germany (formely)

Teletubby Land (now)

Death: Immortal, but once eaten by Baby Yoshi
AKA: Bad translation: Littleme
Likes: Anything that you love
Dislikes: Nothing
Education: What?
Occupation: Being racist
Powers: Many
UnRank: 0

Pocoyo is you! But you aren't as "childish" as Pocoyo. Pocoyo is a little kid that loves doing things. You know, "things". YES! THINGS! Execpt going to the internet and typing gibberish on the comments of a Facebook post about Po. He also has a Nintendo DS game, but he didn't care about that, so he sued Nintendo and killed Satoru Iwata with his Laa-Laa toy. He has super powers, like taking off his hat, and revealing a knife under it, and using shotguns. His zipper is actually a pacifer, but when the Border Cross Patrol finds him, he takes it off. Pocoyo is Mexican, so he is banned from visiting the United States of UnAmerica, but he's popular on the United Arab Emirates, so no.

Things loved by Pocoyo

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