Po Unmasked

The people who worked for this show had one second to do this episode, so they slowed down time and slapped this together.

Po Unmasked is the 18th episode in the Teletubbies TV series. It was supposed to be that one episode that taught kids violence is bad, but then the editors added more violence into the episode, making it one of the most violent in the show's history (and that's really saying something).


It starts out with all of the Teletubbies dancing around in the fields as they are ought to do. They dance for about twenty minutes. But then Po whispers into Thumper's ear: "I have a secret." Thumper, not one to be patient about such thing, shot Po three times. Po then took of her mask to reveal... Bill Gates!

Gates chased the Teletubbies all around Teletubby Land wielding an ax. The Teletubbies were too afraid of the great and mighty Bill Gates to confront him (Gates is one of the few people more powerful than the Teletubbies). Eventually he corned all of them.

But just then, Jebus Khrist shoots Gates in the back of the head, saving them all. They all celebrate by eating the flesh and drinking the blood of Bill Gates. Deciding they like eating humans, the rest of the episode is them on Earth trying to "catch" a human by throwing balls fishing wire at them.


The episode was given a -9000 because the people who worked for the show had one second to do this episode, not kidding.

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