Po generations 3ds box art by saturnphoenix-d3g0bhi

Crappy boxart.

Po Generations is the STUPID STUPID AND VERY AWFUL third installment to the Po Unleashed! series. It has again the same plot with different things. This is a ripoff to Sonic Generations.


Po wakes one day in her house and discovers that Laa-Laa changed her image resolution to 8-bit, so she decides to kill Laa-Laa and for some totally unknown reason, eat Super Mario Cookies. Then Po gets totally insane. She tries to be queen of Hell again for good. She starts by eating a shotgun, and fire lazors if they don't tell her where Laa-Laa is. Eventually, Tinky Winky tells her that Laa-Laa is in 1982, so Po turns around, but Laa-Laa is not there. When she turns back to Tinky Winky, he has ran away. So, she goes to 1982 and finds Laa-Laa in The Future.




Super Forms


Boss World Origin
Tinky Winky Teletubby Land Super Mario: Teletubbies!
Peach Mushroom Kingdom Super mash Bros. Brawl
Bowser Hyrule Super mash Bros. Brawl
Para-Dice Alwas Po Unleashed!
Po's clone Hell Po Unleashed!
Shadow Final Rush Sonic Adventure 2
Tails Green Hill Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Marine Pirates' Island Sonic Rush Adventure

Sonic the Werehog

Rooftop Run (Night) Sonic Unleashed


  • In England, PEGI rated it 3+ because it was a Teletubbies game but they didn't realise how violent it was. It was rated in America by the ESRB P for Po because it was a game starring Po.
  • it has the same moveset as Po Unleashed!, except Po doesn't have kicking and crawling anymore.
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