This is the second episode of the new Teletubbies TV show from 2015. It's a remake of Good Ol' Motorcycle according to the BBC, despite being only 0.0000000000001% similar to said episode.


The episode starts in Teletubby Land, where Po is crying because her good ol' motorcycle was destroyed following the Great Teletubby Land Massacre. She asks Dipsy to make her "something cooler". What Dipsy ends up making is a lame kiddie-looking scooter. Po almost nukes it with her fruit loop, but Dipsy tells her it shoots drug dust and fire, as well as flies. This makes Po extremely happy. Alt 2.0 puts a train horn on it, for a finishing touch. Po gets so happy, that she runs over Tinky Winky right away with the scooter she dubbed "PO COOTAH"...EVEN THOUGH TINKY WINKY DIDN'T DO ANYTHING. Po then decides to run over everyone else.

The episode cuts to a scene of Noo-Noo chasing Alt 2.0, who doesn't want to get sucked up. She tries firing her own fruit loop at him, but Noo-Noo begins to suck up Alt 2.0's antenna. Po runs over both of them with PO COOTAH. Laa-Laa then has an argument with the New Talking Flowers, so Po runs over her and burns the flowers. Po runs over Dipsy when she sees him looking up pictures of things I shouldn't really be talking about on the Tubby Phone. She also runs over everyone else in Teletubby Land. The episode ends after Tara Gilesbie randomly pops up and tells the children that Hitler didn't do anything wrong.



Cquote1 Remember, kids: Hitler did nothing wrong. Cquote2
Tara Gilesbie


Kids learned about Adolf Hitler by watching this episode. That's the only thing parents liked about it, as the other 99% of the episode was straight-up violence.

Biased Ratings gave this episode a 0/1000.

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