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Po Colors! is the VERY WORST second installment of the Po Unleashed! series. It is a shame starring Po, like that of The Stupid Adventures of Po and Guitar Hero: Po. It is based on the Teletubbies. It is a ripoff to Sonic Colors


Po wakes one day in her house and discovers that Laa-Laa ate her DINNER, so she decides to eat Doddy and for some totally unknown reason, kill Yoshi. She tries to be queen of Hell once again for good. She starts by grabbing a Magnum, and shooting people if they don't tell her what Laa-Laa had for DINNER. Eventually, Laa-Laa tells her that Laa-Laa is right behind her, so Po turns around, but Laa-Laa is not there. When she turns back to Laa-Laa, she has ran away. So, Po asks Tinky Winky and he points where Mario where is. He points at Mario, so Po shoots him. He really dies this time. Po then turns to Laa-Laa, realizing she must be Mario. She shoots Laa-Laa, and she dies again. She then takes over the world, but then gets mutilated.




Teletubby Carnival: King Harkinian


  • The plot is a reworked version of Po Unleashed!, and soon will do the same with Po Generations.
  • In England, PEGI rated it -666 because it was a Teletubbies game and it was VERY WORSE like its other shames. It was rated in America by the ESRB P for Po because it was a game starring Po.
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