PoDipLaWinky Mistake

The result of a mistake while trying to morph

PoDipLaWinky is the name of the Teletubbies when they fuse together to create a fusion. On the picture on the right, it shows the Teletubbies fused as PoDipLaWinky. Below the picture of PoDipLaWinky is the attempted fusion, LaPoDipWinky. (Please credit temmieliker when using this picture or she will get SHUPA ANGRY!)

This is an obvious rip off of the action sequence in the Thriller Bark Arc of One Piece, but the Teletubbies don't care. PoDipLaWinky resembles a strange, dumb blob with the colours of the Teletubbies. The Teletubbies first used this form to fight Doctor Square and defeated him. They also once used this form to fight Koromo Ryuumonbuchi in battle. However, Dipsy's weakness made a glitch in the transformation and Koromo was able to defeat them easily. This form is also a rip off of the fusion sequence from Dragon Ball Z. 

He was defeated by WaSurge


The attempted fusion, LaPoDipWinky.

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