PoBenson was an evil clone of Po and Benson. Dipsy wanted to make something very evil so he combined the two most evil people in the entire UnUniverse and it worked. He also started the PoBenson World War.


Dipsy was bored one day when he thought about making the most evil being yet. He was originally going to combine Po, Do and Fred Durst together but Do was a rival so he refused and Fred Durst was just a wimp about it. Then Dipsy discovered Benson was the current dictator of Germany so since Benson and the Teletubbies were allies, they got him and cloned him, Po and the fun began.

Early Life

Dipsy and the Teletubbies were training PoBenson how to fight, they noticed his power was immense, every step he took left a crack on the floor. Dipsy ordered PoBenson to karate chop a block of wood, then he managed to breathe fire and set fire to it. The Teletubbies were shocked about it. They discovered he has the ability to use BOOM! in Bikini Bottom destroying everything into dust.

The PoBenson World War

PoBenson was a success, and he told Dipsy that he wanted to destroy the world. Without will, he blew up the Mushroom Kingdom's army quarters so everyone stormed out of their homeland and fought PoBenson. They are all failing however this war has just started.

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