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Po on steroids

kill her kids, be muuuuuuurdered!

Gender: Female
Hair color: Her fur is red
Eye color: Red (the mark of an evil guy)
Species: Teletubby
Home: Teletubby Land
AKA: Po the Terrible
Likes: To enslave every last living thing ever.
Dislikes: Losing the fruit loop on her head
Education: She is a super genius, but is incredibly slow.
Occupation: Murderer
Known For: Being one of the most dangerous beings ever
UnRank: 962,845

Po is an evil Satanic teletubby, and the leader of the Teletubbies. She has Satanic powers and worships the devil. She has an evil fruitloop of doom on her head, and can use heat vision with it. She kills lots of people with her powers. She is the most feared of all the Teletubbies. She was once put in the BBC Logo. She featured a creepy smile. She eventually was asked for tax payment on getting into the logo, so she looked at her boss with some evil red eyes, and the boss decided to keep her in the logo. She stayed in it for 2 more years, before selling her soul to the boss to get her off, due to some, "embarrassing agreements". A shocking line she mentioned right after that situation was, "I don't need a soul, my friends and I are evil anyway".

She was also arrested for several murders with her fruitloop of doom. She owns a $5000 motorcycle which he ran over the Teletubbies once, and only owns it because, she gave her soul to the devil, and the devil owed her $5000. She has sacrificed herself to the devil over 9000 times, but is always released for being extremely annoying, and she can respawn anyway, as she is a teletubby. Also, she always gets calls from BBC telling her that they need her to create fire. She also decided to create The Wheel Of The Teletubbies, and she made it in the shape of the Nazi logo. She originally wanted to shape it like and upside down star, but BBC was a Nazi group, and she had to obey them, but she didn't like it. Recently, she has been attacking Tokyo and is planning to start her own organization, against kids. She has been known for hypnotizing Mordecai and Rigby.


  • Po stars in her own stupid shames and they're all rated P for Po. Some of these are: The Stupid Adventures of Po, Guitar Hero: Po and Po Unleashed!. Two of them were sold on ShamesCoarse.
  • There is a river in Italy named Po. She made it herself with her pee and vomit.
  • Po is the evil dictator of Poland.
  • Po ate Giygas and created Teletubby Land Acid Lake after barfing up Giygas.
  • Po once punched Chuck Norris, and wasn't roundhouse kicked!
  • Po doesn't know she was adopted from China.


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