Po's crappy nightmare is the 158th episode of the reboot of the Teletubbies. Notice that this episode has the 1st title card of the series to be drawned (in MS Paint).

Po's crappy nightmare

Title card


While sleeping in the tree (from an episode of the real classic series named The Magic Tree), Po dreams about she in a strange contury (named Naziland) where Po see some strange faces like the troll face. When Po got scared of all this faces she run out the contury, but Po discovered that there's 2 "Nazilands" in she's nightmare. Then Po run VERY away and go to a water. But she discovered that the fishes have the same strange faces. Then Po wake up and see that the other Teletubbies are been irritated.

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Po sleeping in the beginning of the episode.

Trivia / Reception

This episode is banned in conturies that don't know about troll faces.

Parents and children hate it because it's short and scary.

This episode is aired in NBC in the United States, not in Nick Jr. for unknown reason.

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