Owner of the restaurant

Po's Tubby Custard Palace is a restaurant made by Po. It is ranked #324432 in the most disgusting restaurants in the entire UnWorld. One day, a guy named Butt Farts came to the place, he tried one of the Tubby Custard varieties and died 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 seconds after eating it. The police came here and changed the open time to 3:00 in the afternoon and closing time at 12:00 Midnight. Chuck Norris tried the custard, and do you know what happened? HE DIDN'T DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG IT'S THE ILLUMINATI!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYONE RUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Custard Varieties

Item Description Price
Regular Custard Ingredients: Dog poo, Poison, Weekend Pickles, BLOOD. $2
Po's Special Basically a larger Regular Custard with an additional ingredient of Po's crap. $50
Po Custard Custard that's 904390439043904390439043904390439043904390439043904390439043 times bigger than Po's Special, this is ranked #954 of the most largest Custard. $9001
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