Ploxy the Flying Fish is an evil tyrant who has high tech gadgets to help him kill the world to death.

Ploxy himself


Things He Uses for Stuff

He has a castle called Fort Ploxy witch is a castle in Canada witch is guarded by the PloxyBots. He has a mech that he uses for evil stuff like robbing banks, destroying cities and killing people. He has minions named Happy Bag, Carl the cup and Omod who are stoopid but he doesn't care.

First Blood

Ploxy was a broke fish at first until he found out he could make PloxyBots and castles but he was still broke and wanted to buy some fried chicken so he went to KFC. He threatened to kill kernel sanders if he didn't give him free chicken but sanders refused so he blew up KFC. Then He went to popeyes but the same thing happened there so he attacked the place but Doug the scorpion and Francisco Pizzaro showed up and tried to stop him and trashed his mech and almost killed Ploxy. After the fight Ploxy went to Doug's house and poured gasoline all over this house and threw a match at it. Doug's family ran out screaming and Ploxy kidnapped all of them and left a ransom note. Doug returned home to see the havoc and went straight to Fort Ploxy and attacked him so he sent all of his PloxyBots to kill them but somehow Doug got into the fort and freed his family but Ploxy attacked him in his mech but Doug fired his kechup squirt at Ploxy's mech and jammed it and fired his RAINBOW CANNON at Ploxy causing him to fall out of his mech and into his acid pool and he died.


He was revived by the 5 hole

he left the battle and ran off, never to be seen again.

he is considered one of the best villains ever

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