Plotholium is a SUPER IMPORTANT magical substance known for creating the First Five. Also doesn't have any protons, neutrons or electrons, instead being made up of very tiny Great Dodecahedrons. It was created at the beginning of time by whatever... thing created NaN. It is named after the plot holes it both creates and fixes. It is the fabric of the UnOmniverse itself. People have tried to make an undefeatable using this stuff, but they all just end up dying before they can actually make anything.
Plotholium Example

The appearance of Plotholium is that of a Great Dodecahedron.


  1. It can self-replicate and transform into any material.
  2. Anything can pass through it
  3. Nothing can pass through it
  4. It's OVER 9000 plus a googolplex times stronger than steel. (Not that it matters.)
  5. Separates UnMultiverses
  6. It is one of the only things Baby Yoshi cannot eat. The others are living things (because that is something which isn't allowed by UnScience) and anything larger than Baby Yoshi (because that would be stupid).
  7. It can switch from being a metal to non-metal at will.
  8. Most Plotholium in the UnUniverse today was created in 2018 b̵̷̸̸̵̡̻̼̰̪̐͂̽y a single, exception̄̽͗̓̚ally powerful Roundhouse Kick. We are currently working on repairing the damage caused to the UnAnything Team HQ.
  9. Plotholium has an IQ of 3, despite being a material.
  10. It is completely transparent to radio waves between e and pi hertz.
  11. It causes resonance cascades.
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