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The Playstation Bandicoot is a shame console made by Sony to get people manipulated into supporting Crash Bandicoot during the Sony Civil War. He was trying to advertise himself as an awesome character but Spyro had other plans. Spyro made many, many shames about himself and Crash was infuriated with that. Crash one day robbed Spyro so he didn't have enough money to make a new shaming console.

The Play Station Bandicoot now only sells Spyro shames. Even after Bandicoot took total control of Sony, he continued making Spyro shames because he is not very smart. The only shame that is not a Spyro shame is some stupid shame called Rick Astley's Adventure. Rick Astley only made an appearance on the shaming system because he bribed Bandicoot with lotsa money.

The Play Station Bandicoot was made obsolete by the Play Station 4, but the Play Station is still purchased by the Old People and Ancient Geeks. Even though it is only a few years old, the Play Station Bandicoot is regarded by Everybody to be an ancient artifact of immense power.

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