The Play Station 4 was a shaming system made in 2012 by Sony, being the first playstation shaming system since the sad joke known as the Play Station Bandicoot. It was made because Crash Bandicoot's financial adviser told him to, and Crash does as he is told like a good little rodent.

The Play Station 4 was actually designed to play shames from the beginning. There was a small period of time half-way into its creation where it had a Spaghetti maker, but this was scrapped immediately. Currently, there is only one shame that can run on the Play Station 4, and that would be Spyro Beats Up Crash Bandicoot. No other shames were made due to Crash Bandicoot being unconscious.

The Play Station 4 does have one plus, however. It currently has the feature to connect to the internet. The only problem with it is that you can not do anything with the internet while on it, so it is completely useless. It is only on there at all because Crash Bandicoot was chewing on the wires. We don't know how that gave it internet access, it just did.

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