Playstation 3

The Play Station 3 is the shaming system notorious for the large amount of crap that you have to deal with when trying to play it, both figuratively and literally. Figuratively because it was made with very low standards, it freezes up, the disks don't fit in the slot, internet connection runs at -3 MPH, and during all of this, there is a bomb ticking inside the system and you never know when it is going to go off. Literally because the processing system is made of Spyro's crap.

The Play Station 3 was first invented in good ole' 1972. It was the last shame made by Spyro's Sony. As it was made a few years into the Sony Civil War, Crash Bandicoot quickly gained control over the system, and then the company. Spyro is now banned from the Play Station 3, but Nobody cares. Everybody still plays Spyro shames, because let's admit it; super-powerful dragons are a little cooler than a stupid overgrown rodent.

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