The hellish creation that is the PS2

The Play Station 2 was the second shaming system created by Sony. We know this because there is a "2" in the name. Nine out of ten doctors agree that having a "2" in the name means it is the second. The Play Station 2 was designed by Sony's then-president Spyro, and released in 1964. It was initially an "Adults Only" console, but was eventually deemed too inappropriate for adults.

After Sony's success with the Play Station, Spyro got a brilliant idea. He took two TVs playing lousy infomercials, a Chaos Emerald, an Iron Butt, and an old Play Station. Then he breathed fire on it and called it magic. Magic was a stupid name, so he changed it to Play Station 2. And that's when the shaming system was born!

Shortly after release, stuff happened. On a completely unrelated note, SpongeBob SquarePants is ready. Back to the Play Station 2, it was moderately successful. People bought it, played shames on it, and then sold it at some garage sale for half the price they bought it. The Play Station 2 was the peak of Sony's success. It was soon followed by the Play Station 3.

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