Twas once a legendary device of untold magnitude. A noble beast of unprecedented might and honor. But alas, due to events unfortunate beyond the comprehension of words, we now today speak of this mere device as no more than a possession of time past. Here now in you we trust the tale of the Play Station...

The day was young, and the sun was bright. The flowers blooming, the wind blowing. A rabbit was running through the fields. *BANG* The rabbit hit the ground in a great red mess. The hunter approached the rabbit, a grin forming on his face. And that's when the rabbit got back up. The hunter had merely struck a can of tomato soup. The rabbit socked the hunter in the face, and ran.

The rabbit ran all the way to Sony headquarters, where a bunch of bumbling idiots led by Spyro had no idea what to do. As the rabbit ran by, he started screaming "VIDEO SHAMES! VIDEO SHAMES!" at the top of his lungs for no reason whatsoever. At the time the rabbit was considered insane. But this gave Spyro an idea. An idea that would change the world. Not really, but Spyro likes to tell people that.

The Play Station was created, and released into stores in 1954. The Play Station was not as popular as Nintendo, but it was still popular nonetheless. The Play Station had done its job, and Spyro was proud. He proceeded to let his guard down. A mistake that would cost him dearly.

Ten years had passed since the creation of the Play Station. Sales were starting to diminish, so Spyro called in the order for a Play Station 2 to be made. It was released that same year. Little did Spyro know the weakened sales were actually due to the sabotage caused by a member of the Sony Board of Directors: Crash Bandicoot. Bandicoot, already the leader of a country, wanted Sony for himself. When he became the vice president of Sony, he took the Play Station, and smashed one on Spyro's head. Spyro ordered that Play Stations be retired, and they stopped making them.


The Play Station was going to be called Piss Station.

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