The Cover.

Plankton: The Shame Two is the amazing sequel to Plankton: Da Shame the worst shame ever. However, this is one of the best games ever because this time, Wario and Waluigi help. They do this because Plankton and King Normal can't make a good game for dear life. The game is like, Elmo Payne, with a little Grand Theft Sesame Street in there.  It's also a 3rd person shooter, but also navigates like Grand Theft Sesame Street. 


Plankton is quietly driving home from another failed attempt at stealing the secret formula, when he hits a alien creature down town. He soon understands that it's not just a alien, but it's the most disturbing alien: Darwin Watterson. He calls King Normal for help and as soon as he gets down they bury the body in a near by abandoned farm. Also, they steal guns from the gun store just to look cool and stuff. But Gumball Watterson came to see what was happening, but they shot him. The cops soon come and the game finally starts with you trying to destroy the cops.

When you finish, you have 99 more missions to do and side missions. Some involve break ins and gang wars. Others involve racing, and other cool stuff.




Plankton and King Normal we're talking about a brand new game and Wario and Waluigi creepily step in and say they wanna help. Plankton and King normal sign the contracts and development begins on a really better sequel to Plankton: Da Shame WA style. The game took over 2 year's to make but, in 2009 the game was finally finished and produced by Princess Peach and was released to public.


Alot of people knew to stay away from it when they first heard about cause, come on it's Plankton: Da Shame 2! But then they heard Wario and Waluigi made it, it flew off the shelves like lighting. It later won Game of the year, and is even today PS3's greatest hit's.


It got a M rating by the ESRB for blood, gun's, violence, drug's, sex, and nudity. It got a 1+ by PEGI cause they thought the cover was cute. Everybody else gave it a 99+ for the heck of it.

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