Plankton operating a sneak attack.

Sheldon J. Plankton is the smallest pickle in the UnWorld. He lives in Bikini Bottom. He was once a happy little pickle of Pickle Land, but the events of the First Pickle War scarred him. He retreated to the ocean where he swam all the way to Bikini Bottom.

He is one of the golden aces of the Supreme Golden Ace Invasion Organization, but he's just in for the business.


Plankton was born in Pickle Land in 1712. He was raised with the knowledge that pickles were the most powerful beings in the UnUniverse. When the humans attacked in the First Pickle War, Plankton was crushed (figuratively and literally). He jumped into the ocean, trying to drown himself. For some reason, pickles can breathe underwater. He swam to Bikini Bottom for no reason.

The Chum Bucket

Plankton when he knew that he was doomed...

He started a new life in a new city, and even started his own restaurant. He then realized that his restaurant was teleported from Hell to across the street from the much more successful Krusty Krab. He tried to do everything he could to make his restaurant better, but failed.

He eventually resorted to his true evil ways. He decided to steal the Krabby Patty Secret Formula. He first tried stealing it by asking nicely, but then that didn't work. Then he resorted to meaner ways of stealing it.Karen sometimes helps him. He actually tried taking it by force! After hundreds of years, he still has yet to actually get it. His attempts are documented in the shame known as Plankton: Da Shame. Today, Plankton spends his life developing Shames along side, his best friend, King Normal.


Plankton hung himself aged 281 after he got banned from fortnite.

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