Cquote1.png I am Piss Cakehole, I'm gonna carve you. Cquote2.png
Typical encounter with Piss Cakehole.
Piss Cakehole
Piss Cakehole.jpg


Gender: Scary!
Hair color: Scary!
Eye color: Scary!
Species: Source Freak
Home: Satanist Empire
Death: Still alive
Likes: Scary!
Dislikes: Not scary!
Education: NA
Occupation: Scary!
Known For: Being scary!
UnRank: 10^Scary!

Piss Cakehole is a Sniper look-alike that had DNA's of Sniper and Freddy Krueger applied to him and is part of the Satanist Empire and what he did for a living is carving people.

He is one of the golden aces of the Supreme Golden Ace Invasion Organization.

Piss Cakehole has a dream to carve Karkat Vantas as Karkat has a huge hatred for anyone who's a member of the SGAIO or otherwise evil.

Almost nothing scares Piss Cakehole, but the only thing that ever did was Optimus Prime, whomst he tried carving, but failed because Optimus is made of METAL!1 At the time, he needed Galvatron's help, but his signal failed.

Notice Piss Cakehole's facial expression. He grins like that after he carves his victim.

He's green when in rage mode. Our top physicists have detemmied that this is the same effect as in Phoenix Wright's OBJECTION Bomb attack.


Piss Cakehole Carves Someone

Typical encounter with Piss Cakehole.

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