Piramida's flag

Piramida is a country and island in the Caribbean. It is very close to Mexico, and they are currently fighting over it with South America and Central America, so far, nobody one the debate.



Piramida is on this (outdated) map. It is obviously a Caribbean island.

Piramida is quite the peculiar place, it is entirely made up of sponge, you may find large spinning wheels made of sponge, they are natural, making them more strange, they're temples scattered throughout Piramida, guarded by a large fireball with a eyeball, along with sponges with bones for arms, said temples are usually filled with bones from deceased tribal leaders and sacrificed slaves.

The main species in Piramida are Piramides, large statues made out of the same material the rest of the island is, they eat hot peppers and can survive 20 days without food, they speak Spanish, so point to Mexico for the debate... I think. Piramides come in all shapes and sizes, very few are the same. Piramida has no flora, just fauna. There happens to be a sound effect for everything, so it got a nickname, "El Sonar."


One day during 78 BC, sponges started to randomly decline in population, there dead bodies got together and were sprayed on by a volcano, liquid pumice mixed with the dead sponges and formed the spongy material that formed Piramida. The volcano continued to erupt and Piramida was formed, later during 1846 some of this sponge pumice got organs of a dead Mexican Soilder during the Mexican War, it became a living thing and made a tribe, they built the temples, whenever they puked the floor didn't like it and made more sounds, the twisting plates in the island made the spinning wheels, and soon Piramida was founded after the Mexican War.


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