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Don't mind that white thing at all! This is just your friendly Piramid!

Piramides (dervived from the spanish word for pyramid, piramide, referring to their usual shape) are bizzare, stone like creatures. They are native to the island of Piramidia, a land made of bizzare, yellow, rock like stuff. They come in different shapes and sizes, but most commonly are simply triangle. The many types of Piramides live together, hand in hand, within this island, and since hardly any is the same, they never discriminate, which is good.


Piramides consist of a bizzare rock like substance, it's actually ancient sea sponge mixed with pumice, making them related to sea sponges. And some beady eyes too. As we stressed, their body shape is always different. Scientists used a jackhammer to disect one and found out they have organs, these came from some war the Mexicans fought long ago, yet the Piramides are still healthy. It's unknown how they get their resources, but some say they suck it up via holes in them.


Old Piramides crumble and die, and whatever remains forms a new Piramid. What? You'd think we'd say something like... that? No! Not even in 69 years!


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