The Pingazordz are the only rivals to the Undefeatables and can actually defeat them (At least, that's what they like to think). *Random guy in distance randomly calls "Pingazordz"* Hold on a sec, *I throw brick at guy and do trollface* okay so these guys have the pure energy of PINGAS and are the ones that distribute it throughout the UnUniverse. They actually are from another plane of reality the &th plane of reality where their head quarters New New Pork City is. Wait are those teletu-OHMYGAWD *Pulls out gun and kills loads of Teletubbies* Wow that felt good and I burnt some calories too,wait what was I saying? Oh yeah,well you may think that Dr. Robotnik is one of them but he's not. Instead they possess him and make him say PINGAS to troll people but they miserably fail each time which makes them mad >8[ Well the members are...


  • Pokey Minch (leader and HQ landlord)
  • The masked Man (Leader of Pokey's Pigmask army)
  • NK Cyborg (Roadie #1)
  • Giygas (Weapons Manager and Roadie #2)
  • Wario (Roadie #3)
  • Grumpig (Roadie #4)
  • Master belch (In command of zombies and ghosts)
  • Tf2 Zombie scout ( Scout)
  • Justin Bieber (Secret Weapon)
  • Fawful (has alot of minions)


To finally defeat the Undefeatables and take over the UnUniverse and make it their own image the PINGASverse.

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