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Pikmin (Pick-The-Men according to Pikmin) is a Shame on the Nintendo Shamecube, as well as a game on the Nintendo Wii U.

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Dat Bulborb is ready to lick some Pikmin. And it also looks like that n00bs like to play this.


A random guy named Olimar went on a trip through his favorite rocket ship, but then an Ass-teroid Meteor hits his ship, causing him to crash onto an alien Planet. He soon meets Pikmin and they help him build his ship, but they made it into a sculpture of Chuck Norris, so Olimar had to fix the rocket himself and then he launched into space, only to discover that Chuck Norris gave him a debt because of Olimar ruining the sculpture the Pikmin worked so hard on. So now Olimar has to pay OVER 9000 coins. He decided to sell all of the Pikmin that exist to 3 n00bs known as Alph, Brittany, and Charlie to pay off his debt. The 3 n00bs decided to turn the Pikmin into juice so they could have something to eat/drink. And that's all.


You walk around, and throw Pikmin at stuff like Fruit and Bulborbs. BTW if the Pikmin are thrown at an enemy, they will rape them (Don't worry, it censored when it happens.).

How U die

  • Not beating the Shame in 30 days
  • A Bulborb munches on you
  • Anything that can harm your suit.
  • Pikmin betraying you and decide to make you into their food.
  • Making the Pikmin go exctint.
    • Note that when you give the Pikmin to Alph, Brittany, and Charlie, they decide to grind the entire Pikmin population into food/drinks for them, which means by the end of the shame, those three guys made them extinct.

How UR Pick-the-Men die

  • Getting Eaten by Bulborbs
  • Drowning if they are not Blue Pikmin
  • Getting shocked if not Yellow
  • Dying by Fire if not Red
  • Throwing them into the mouth of a beast.
  • Selling them to a few n00bs and they make them into smoothies.
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