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All 7 Pikmin Types. They sure look tasty!

Pikmin are a type of species in an unknown planet, and have somehow made it to earth before getting liquefied into juice by Three Homeless n00bs. But anyways, Bulborbs like to lick them for some reason. They were also considered a delicacy before they went extinct when they were on UnWorld for like 2 weeks or so, but the ships they live in made more seeds as they were prepared for such a crisis. Oh, and they love to rape.

Other than the Video Games, Pikmin are the main soldiers of the Pikmin Army, and will be commanded by Olimar.

Types of Pikmin

Red Pikmin

They are red Pinocchios who are Fire-Proof and are a bit more stronger than most Pikmin.

Blue Pikmin

Blue with Gills so they could breath underwater. Need I say more?

Yellow Pikmin

Main Article: Yellow Pikmin

Yellow Links who like throwing explosive rocks at You and are electric.

White Pikmin

Poison, and have amazing eyesight. They can see through UnAnything!

Purple Pikmin

Ripped, Fat, and Broken. They are the bane of Pikmin Baddies.

Rock Pikmin

A bunch of rocks that came alive and all they do is sit down and roll. Yep. Sit and Roll.

Winged Pikmin

They fly. And can also stretch a Burrowing Snagret to uncomfortable levels.

Oh god...


A Bulborb-Pikmin hybrid. THEY ARE INVINCIBLE!


A Pikmin with a Shroom on their head. They like attacking Olimar, too.

Olimin, Pikmar, or whatever you call him.

An Olimar in a lost timeline, where he was turned into a Pikmin himself.

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