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The abomination himself.
Gender: Male
Hair color: Stem
Eye color: Blue
Species: Pickle
Home: Pickle Land, Mushroom Kingdom
AKA: Mikolaj_Mines, De Pickle
Likes: Shames
Dislikes: Bees, cigarettes
Education: Eh, smart enough.
Occupation: Ruler of Pickle Land and Southeast Hyrule
UnRank: 520,000

Pickleodeon (called De Pickle by certain people) is one of the dreaded FakegeesHe is a living pickle that was created when Weegee DNA was fused to a Pickle. He is Shizuka Marikawa's ex-boyfrined, but he dumped her after he found out she was an alcoholic and that she ate pickles. He married Broko, but we don't know how this guy married her. He HATES Dora the Explorer for a number of reasons:

  • She smokes.
  • She's annoying as Hell.
  • Her show is terrible.
  • She's evil.
  • She serves The Devil.

However, he is a fan of WaWaluigi for some reason. He has a weird brother named Schmickleodeon who is obsessed with some freak named Spongeebee.


In 2014, he killed Theodore Pickleson and took over Pickle Land. He was a moderately peaceful ruler, except that he made everyone in Pickle Land be part of his army. Hey, at least they weren't enslaved! He also took over part of South Hyrule during the Second Hyrulian Civil War, thus creating Southeast Hyrule. He then summoned Spongeebee to "get away from mah brother". Spongeebee then destroyed pickle land out of anger, and ran away with Schmickleodeon. Pickleodeon then created PICKLEODEON PARK out of it's ruins, and started the PICKLEODEON PARK WAR.


  • He was eaten by Baby Yoshi, but he survived.
  • He is rumored to have a Teletubby form.
  • He eats so much Pizza that Italy recently ran out of crops.
  • He has his own version of the Weegee stare, but instead of turning you into a Weegee clone, you turn orange. Warning: This might cause Chester Cheetah to try and NOM on you.