A pickle is a species of people that are short and green. The majority of them live in Pickle Land, but they have also been seen in the Mushroom Kingdom. Pickles are generally good people who are always willing to help others. However, they can't talk, or move for that matter, so it is difficult for them to achieve much. However, the Jar of Pickles is infamous for comitting countless crimes, for example, destroying the Statue of Liberty.

Pickles are often discriminated against because they are so small and helpless. Some people even participate in pickle-hunting, a cruel sport where they catch pickles, jar them up, and sell them in stores. Vlasic is one of the most infamous pickle hunters to live. Humans have been known to eat pickles on a regular basis. Sometimes they slice pickles into their deaths before they eat them. It is a general opinion that pickles taste GOOD.

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