Phil, always the charmer

Phil DeVille is a member of the German Nazi squad the Rugrats, and is arguably the least intelligent member and is also a member of Bowser' Nazi Military. Yes, Phil is dumber than the dog. He was recruited with the other Rugrats by Vendetta Williams in preparation for the coming War of 1812. Phil was only chosen because his evil twin is the infamous Lil DeVille. Phil currently lives with his twin sister Lil in Bowser's Castle as advisers for Bowser.


Phil DeVille was born in 1807 to the most obnoxious couple in the entire UnWorld. He was born a mere two minutes after his twin sister Lil. In fact, her feet were smashed into his head when he was being born. This might be part of the reason why he is so stupid. Or he might just be stupid for no reason at all.

Phil hated his parents very much, but he was just a stupid baby. When his sister killed them both, the two were selected by Vendetta Williams to be agents in the Rugrats unit. With Williams' spell, the two were babies forever. Most of the Rugrats still matured mentally while staying babies, but Phil was still as thick as a brick.

When the War of 1812 broke out, Phil helped Rugrats leader Tommy Pickles direct the battles. This is one of the main reasons why Germany lost he war. Phil was given the Medal of Dishonor and a slap from Adolf Hitler himself. Phil was honored by these awards, and declared himself king of the UnWorld. Lil then shot him with a dart and dragged him away.

After Phil came to, he realized they were in Bowser's Castle. He thought they were having a party, but Lil explained to his little brain that he had been asleep for nearly two hundred years. Both of them had become Bowser's Nazi apprentices after Hitler lost power.

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