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PewDiePie is looking fabulous.

PewDiePie real name Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg Hitler Putin Jong-un and more commonly known as PEWDIEPIE is the king of the internet and arguably one of the biggest shamers in all of existence. His home base is located in YouTube, where he captures a bunch of wild bros with a combination of video shames, annoyingness, and Mr. Chair. Mr-Gaming-Person is his rival.

PewDiePie first rose to fame when he started playing video shames. He wasn't a normal shamer though. When he played, he screamed like a little girl and made friends with inanimate objects such as chairs. Furthermore, he's Swedish, so he has an accent. These factors combined to make him very popular. He eventually gathered a Bro Army and took over the entire internet. He was declared king.

PewDiePie now rules his domain be playing video shames and screaming like a little girl. He sends his bros out to call people gay if they don't like PewDiePie. His main quest is to eliminate the Barrels and their king: Justin Bieber. As the great Pewds said that will always be in our hearts was. DON'T BE A SALAD, BE THE BEST GODDAMN BROCCOLI YOU COULD EVER BE!


Pewdiepie is best bros with MrBeast, and played among us with him once.

PewDiePie's List of Played Shames


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