Peter Pan
Peter Pan

The most annoying guy since ever

Gender: Male
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Brown
Species: Human
Home: Neverland
Death: None, but constantly beaten up by cool people
AKA: Stupid
Likes: Annoying people
Dislikes: Getting beaten up
Education: Seriously? He never pays attention to anyone. EVER.
Occupation: Troll
Known For: Being annoying
UnRank: 93

Peter Pan is an evil guy who likes annoying the Hell out of cool people. He feeds pirates to crocodiles, kidnaps children, and once stole Captain 0's Toast when he was busy being cool.

Stupid Backstory

Everyone has always hated Peter for making their lives hell, so they would get revenge by beating him up. To avoid getting beaten up, Peter went to live in Neverland, and annoyed everyone there, as well as his previous victims. But everyone still managed to beat him up. Peter stayed there anyway.

Gon 2 Didney Worl

Peter was so annoying, he got hired to be annoying by Didney studos. He is now in charge of Venchurlan, annoying people there as well.

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