Cquote1 I wanna win this! I WANNA WIN THIS! Cquote2
Percy being a try-hard in games
Percy the Small Engine


Gender: Male
Hair color: NA
Eye color: Black
Species: Train
Home: The Island of Sodor
AKA: Engine 6 (According to The Fat Controller), Simply Percy, Percy
Likes: MLG stuff, hanging out with Thomas and James
Dislikes: Losing in games, Diesel 10
Education: 6 years in train school
Occupation: Mr. T's Taxi
Known For: being outfitted with more systems than Thomas
UnRank: Loader's Number

Percy the Small Engine (Number 6) is Thomas the Tank Engine's BFF. He's quite a happy and friendly little train as well, but he gets frustrated sometimes, especially when playing games.

While his BFF Thomas has six small wheels, Percy only has 4! He tries to "help" Thomas whenever he has a bad day, sometimes it works, sometimes not, but he never gave up trying to help.

He and James the Red Engine helped Thomas destroy a teletubby terrorist base run by Discord.

((kamafa can do the weapons))

He takes pride in transporting people from Kittehlandia to the UnRank Scales. He is also Mr. T's taxi to the battlefield.

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