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Pepsiman (also known as Señor Pepsi in Mexico) is a strong hero who attacks his foes with various flavors of Pepsi. He is also Pepsi's mascot, and the president of the Pepsi Republic.

He has fought many threats to UnWorld peace, including the Teletubbies, Dimentio, and even Thanos.

When he shows up, always expect an unidentified voice to shout his name.


Coca-Cola Men

Pepsiman's first foe is rather odd, as it is a mirror version of himself. This fight was rigged from the start as Ghandi from beyond the grave set conditions guaranteeing his success. Pepsiman fought vigorously and with all his might, even going beyond plus ultra before ultimately losing.

Coca-Cola Bear

Pepsiman and Coca-Cola Bear are rivals with each other, though they were formerly BFF's when Pepsiman used to be back on the Satanist Empire alongside the latter. When Thanos retconned the Satanist Empire, the Soda Civil War began over control of Antarctica, thus kickstarting the birth of the Pepsi Republic and the Coke Federation (which later was relocated to Nunavut after Coca-Cola Bear's loss and redemption).

The Teletubbies


Pepsi Man Theme Song (ORIGINAL)

This theme plays when Pepsiman arrives.

Pepsiman and the Teletubbies are on very bad terms. He hated them to the point he flooded their home with cherry Pepsi.


Pepsiman hates Thanos with a passion and prefers Billy Mays waaaaaay over him. However, what he does like about him is that he retconned the Supreme Golden Ace Invasion Organization, the Ultimate Platinum Overlord Invasion Organization, and the Quintessential Elemental Emperor Invasion Organization all at once, but that sadly allowed Coca-Cola Bear to turn the eastern remnants of the former empire into his own dictatorship (Later democracy) known as the Coke Federation until he turned into an anti-hero (as opposed to a villain).

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